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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Oh well here goes - boldly into new territory.

The question "why" needs to be asked, as it does for everything. For what purpose. What does this achieve? Well I had a think about it through the day, after being persuaded by others to get my own blog.

There is of course what I would call the Strong Bad reason. Strong bad's new hands

This could be used as the megaphone to declare 'I am still awesome.............seriously."

On the other hand as I thought a bit more, I knew that most of you already knew I was awesome, so there seems to be no need in that department. (hehe)

Seriously though, as I thought of a purpose for this, I came up with one which I think is good. As well as being a journal for my thoughts, I intend for this to be a spiritual journal. As I discover things, and as God reveals them to me, I will write them down. That way, as I look back, I can see what God has done in the past, and look forward to the future, knowing the God who has been with me in the past will continue to be with me.

As I thought further, I realised that this is not an easy commitment. I'm one of those keen starters lacking in follow-through. Oh well, let's see what happens. I can't promise it will be a thrill a minute, but it will never be a monologue in minute detail of my spectacularly mundane existence. I'll try to keep it as interesting as possible and spare you the pontificating, and pick out the gems.

Well perhaps it's ridiculous of me to expect any readers. But to those of you who do. I wish God's blessing upon you, and I pray that even a little of what I say may help you in some small way.

God is great!


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