Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Anita has been on to me all of last week about men and beards. Yawn. She cannot understand why men would have a beard knowing that women do not find them attractive.

1. We do not always do things to please women. Seriously. It is not my main goal in life to keep the ladies happy. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

2. Perhaps men with beards are looking for a specific type of women who as well as not minding beards are better than the average women in other ways also. For instance women who like beards are more likely to be the good old fashioned sort of woman, and there's sure to be a demand for them. I'm not quite sure what the supply is like since I haven't bothered entering the market. But from what I can see, the supply is rather low. (I tell you what son - she's a hard road finding the perfect woman.)


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