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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Unscheduled End To Road Trip

My roadtrip ended prematurely on its second day. I travelled down and got to a place called Waitete Bay. I stayed the night in my car there. It was pretty awful weather, but cosy in the car. A beautiful spot nonetheless. I continued my travels rather uneventfully until between Fantail Bay and Port Jackson. I was on gravel roads from just after Colville, and just after Fantail Bay, a stone ruptured my fuel line. I noticed instantly, as I lost power. I pulled over to check what had happened, and looked under the car to see petrol pouring out of the fuel line.

Immediately I called the AA. I waited from this time (about 9:30am), and not one car passed me on either side of the road until after 11:30am. It was actually quite cool being so isolated. I made a coffee with my little gas burner, and walked around ate heaps, read a bit, and even listened to a bit of Leighton Smith. Thank goodness for AA plus membership, which got my car from there back to Manurewa for free, although they took their time getting to me!! Apparently it would have cost me in excess of $600 to do this.

The bonus of getting a ride back on the tow truck was that I could view the scenery as a passenger rather than a driver. So all in all, God provided a wonderful holiday for me! Not only that, but I saw how to put a car onto a truck with the winch and stuff. It was real cool!


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