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Saturday, July 09, 2005

News In Brief

Man and Woman?
It has been discovered that my guinea pig's names are rather inappropriate. To be exact Man's name is inappropriate, for Man is actually a woman. Oh dear. I shouldn't have just taken the pet shop guys word and checked for myself.

I had wondered why children were not forthcoming.

A welcome goes out to some of my newish readers! Hi Paul, Rod and Cherry, Dad, and Sarah!

Boys Hike
A week or so back now, Peter Boyd, Ethan and myself took the young dudes, up Clevedon hill for a night hike. We had beautiful but salty fish and chips from the famous Clevedon takeaways shop. You know folks! The one that has the sign "Always open, till we close."

Anyhow, it was a good time of fellowship and relationship building with the boys of the church. Fitness levels however were somewhat distressing - perhaps due to a more sedentary lifestyle led by youngsters in the age of PS2, computers and dvds.

The Pinnacles
Last Friday and Saturday, I went with two of my favourite people to one of my favourite places. Dad Sarah and I took off to the Kauaeranga valley. We cruised up the Billy goat track in a good time, and I broke my coffee fast with nice espresso coffee made with the gas stove up at the hut.

We enjoyed a nice mince curry with pasta, and spent the evening on a crossword. Frustratingly we ground to a halt on it. However, sleep proved to be useful, because in the morning, Sarah had worked out another clue. We climbed the Pinnacles, which was great fun, although to my disappointment, they have roped off the place you used to stand on at the top, and built a gaudy platform. However, we had beautiful views and weather on the Saturday.

We took off down the Webb creek track, and had Curry/Steak and Mushroom pies as a reward at the Thames Bakehouse.

Leader's Dinner
Last night, our leadership team for C.I.A. had dinner and hung out playing a cool version of Cranium. In this version, you make up the answers to questions about yourself, and the others have to guess them. Hillarity ensues.


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