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Monday, December 12, 2005

Past Week

Quite a few cool things have happened over the last week.

Sarah's birthday was last week. So I spent the day out west, and attended church there. We had a feast and swim with all the PRC youth.

And of course Louise arrived back from Japan. It is awesome to have you back. What larks !

As Christmas is coming (and the guinea pigs are getting fat) it's time for all those breakups. So last Wednesday, we had a bbq breakup for our homework club. We don't have that many kids coming along, and none of them are from Christian homes. Their parents came - and we had a really good afternoon all together.

Then there was the Manukau Christian School breakup. Dad made a good mini speech (yes it is possible!!), and the children performed a really good musical with a Christian message. James won a cup for his 1st place in the school cross country - although dad announced that I had won it. Must be old age.

In gardening news, I planted seeds of my Dill from last year - and I have little plants growing. Did the same with a rotten tomato in the fridge - and have a whole lot of little tomato plants growing.

Edit 12:00
I forgot to mention my trip to Tip Top for the farewell afternoon tea for Padmini one of my old workmates. It was good to catch up with my old team (Lee, Ash, Cam, Rozz and Steve, and some other friends like Peka, Jerry, Simi, and Connie. An added bonus was the aquiring of some ice cream.


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