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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Just a quickie today folks!

Had serious lack of sleep last night. The neighbours next door (neighbours generally next door, but I was attempting to differentiate between neighbours as in "Who is my neighbour?", and what we generally think of as a neighbour today) had as massive as party. Well it was not so bad on the music front as the bass boom boom boom only went until about 12:00, but it was the yelling and shrieking that was really annoying. The last thing I remember was at 5:20 in the morning a young guy shouting "Help help im stuck in the fu***** window, someone get me out!" Well needless to say, I ignored his cries for help, although I thought of many potential ways I could in fact help him. Most of these methods involved pointy sticks, steel-capped boots, fire or directed pressurised water. Anyway that's as maybe. I was consequently late for work, as I slept in, and I think people found me rather grouchy during the day. I really didn't treat people nicely today, and found myself snapping at my family where normally I would have been fine. Hmm, more sanctification to take place methinks.


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