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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Stuff I meant to post but I didn't but now I am.

Hmm that title reminds me of a song. "Somebody told me that you're so stoopid, but I didn't believe them, but now I believe them." But anyway today I am going to post stuff I should have already posted.


An interesting thing happened the other day. Not that something interesting happening is something of note. My existence is interesting and I don't like the concept of boredom. Perhaps I should say something unusual happened the other day.

Anyway. I went to my locker one morning, and found that my combination lock was gone. Weord. Especially weird since I had definately locked it the night before. Since I don't keep anything of value in my locker, I thought little of it. However the next day I went to my locker to get my overalls and found that my combination lock was on it again. "Oh good" I thought. But it was not all good. The combination had been changed, which is easy enough to do with these locks. Thankfully I got help from an expert lock technician (read locker thief unless you are PC) who showed me how to work out combinations. Very interesting.


Jono is now back. He drove up from Wellington on Tuesday. I decided to drive down and meet him. It was a beautiful trip. I loved the scenery. We met in Taumaranui and had dinner. Nice litttle town actually. I wouldn't mind living there. I even picked up a hitchhiker on the way down. The Alfa seems to manage hills better than other cars I've taken for drives. It effortlessly tore up hills even in 5th. Nice. Jono had a minor accident on the way to meeting me, but thankfully, both him and the car were ok to get back. God is very good.


I gave my little brother James (11) a game of tennis the other morning. Wowsers. He is good. I did manage to win, but he is an excellent player for his age. I'd actually like to play doubles with him. If anyone wants a game let me know!


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