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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do

The split was acrimonious. I wanted some space. I needed space. I got it.

However as time went by I realised that our differences were few, and we really couldn't part just like that. We'd been together for over 6 months, and although there was the occasional cross word, generally we agreed on things.

So the long and short of it is that after a bit of counselling, me and my blog are together again, and stronger than ever.

Letter to the Herald

In this perspectives piece, Jane Norton (whom has frequented my blog and caused a stir previously) tells of Noah being raped by his sons in the Old Testament.

Here is my letter:-

I would have thought that as an Auckland lawyer, Jane Norton would ensure that she gets her facts straight, however, not so. In her perspectives piece on censorship, she tells us of the Old Testament tale of Noah being raped by his sons. One wonders if this is the "Norton" translation of the Old Testament, because it sure isn't in any of the translations I have. It is great to have free speech and dialogue, but it is important that we also get the facts right.

Scott Kennedy



Has been running like a goat, but has had a bit of a tune up and is purring. Look out for it in a town near you.

MRI Scan

Mum's MRI scan results were given to us today. They had thought the cancer had moved into the spine, but fortunately they were wrong. Praise God.


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