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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Dad Attacks the Humanists

‘Religious’ Schools

I am amazed that Paul Litterick, Secretary NZ Association of Rationalists and Humanists, fails to see that public state schools are also ‘religious’ in nature. So called secular schools espouse the humanist belief that man (individually or collectively), not God, determines values, and that these values are based upon prevailing circumstances. Humanists enthusiastically, dare I say even ‘religiously’, seek to remake the world in man’s image.

Nobody thinks without making assumptions. Those assumptions are a person’s religion. It makes no difference whether God or man says those assumptions are true, as long as people accept them without question. No religious leader ever spoke more dogmatically than humanists speak. Yet in the name of church – state separation humanists have largely censored from textbooks all religious doctrines but their own. Not all religions are institutionalized in churches. Not all sectarians believe in the supernatural. Not all catechisms are theistic.

The real problem is not one of ‘religion’ but choice. All taxpayers contribute to the funding of education and should therefore be entitled to send their children to a ‘religious’ school that supports their beliefs.

Shane Kennedy (in reply to a member of the rationalists and humanists association who said that only state schools are free of dogma and should be supported with government funding.)

Silver Streak is Struck

More on that later.

C.I.A Camp

Remember to tune in next week for our special expose on the C.I.A camp


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