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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It’s a bit rich Helen - Shane Kennedy

Helen Clark’s criticism of Cardinal Williams and her own trite utterance ‘that people should show tolerance to other views’ smacks of gross hypocrisy. Our PM shows little tolerance for any view that crosses her own, particularly when on the subject of morality.

It seems the PM has forgotten her comments in an interview with the ‘Express Newspaper’ in February. When answering a question regarding the supposed levels of homophobia shown by ‘religious groups’, she is quoted as follows: ‘It’s a very small minority point of view and I think through continuing to set the tone of tolerance, acceptance and diversity you just have to further marginalize such people. Hopefully one day nobody will think that way.’

Ms Clark’s comments are both instructive and hypocritical. It is all right to marginalize a position you don’t agree with when you are in power. It seems that tolerance, acceptance and diversity are defined and have meaning only in terms of this government’s agenda.


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