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Thursday, June 24, 2004

House Specs

Ok, the people have spoken, and I have heard them.

3 Bedroom weatherboard house, with tile roof.

Master bedroom, medium sized, with tv aerial cable, phone port, and lots of power points.

2 smallish bedrooms, one with tv aerial cable, the other with phone port.

Kitchen is a good sized kitchen, with a large pantry. Stove (a nice brown colour) is oldish, but in good condition. Kitchen has good bench space also.

The living area is largish, with windows on three sides, so it gets plenty of sun. It contains a cool fireplace thingy with the tube bit that goes up through the ceiling.

The garage connects through to the hallway, which is handy.

The bathroom is smallish, but it has enough room for both a bath and a shower. The toilet is separate.

Other features include aluminium joinery, a nice small back section with roses and two lemon trees. Thoroughly appropriate I thought. It also has an alarm, and room for not a few cars.

Detracting features include the dump of a house next door, and the long driveway. Oh, and that it's close to church! Hehe no excuse for being late.

Mandarin Update

It still lives. Are you scared?

Sermon Update

I'm preaching on 4 July, and 11 July. Just so ya'll know not to be at evening services those nights!

Butter Mince

Nato, was just reminded of your comment recently. The full and final recipe will be available soon. Once I live away from home I will be able to try my finishing touches without the mocking of the Philistines I currently live with.


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