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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

In Reply to Richard Randerson - Herald Opinions 9/6/4

Richard Randerson seems to think that if homosexuality is part of a persons’ nature, then judgements on it are incoherent with the gospel of love. This view is biblically wrong, and the dean should know this. It matters not whether homosexuality is by choice or by nature. The Bible says that we are all by nature sinners, and objects of God’s wrath. That sin is part of our nature provides no excuse for it, but rather becomes the very reason for God’s wrath towards us.

Randerson’s understanding of the gospel of love is severely limited. The true gospel of love presents to us the holiness of God’s character, and it contrasts it with the sinfulness of mankind. Only those who repent of sin, and put their faith in Christ Jesus for salvation from the coming wrath of God will be saved.

It does great injustice to the intelligence to say that the Bible teaches anything other than homosexuality is a sin. Since God in his word to us, tells us that it is a sin, and that all sin leads to eternal destruction, it is right for a minister of the church to plead with people to repent from it. Indeed, it is the only loving thing to do.


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