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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Men - Be Disciplined

Discipline seems to be a dirty word these days. And the trademark man is undisciplined. He has no time for schedules and rules. He is the free man. Ever free to do anything, ever able to do nothing. He makes great plans. He achieves none of them. He has great ambition, and many ideas, but he can never fulfill them. He always plans to be better. He always gets worse. He is undisciplined man. He is always potential man, never actual man.

Men, we are nothing without discipline. If we lack it, we are not men as a men should be. Truly great men, are truly disciplined. Look at the greatest man ever - Jesus. His life was a disciplined life. He was a man who fasted, was tempted in the desert when hungry, yet resisted. A man who woke up early after hard days to pray. A man who was disciplined enough to follow a path which lead to death.

Jesus is our role model men. So how do we become like him? What are some practical steps we can take?

We need to be stewards of our time. I think we need to limit our entertainment time. We must kick our TV watching habits, or our computer game habits... whatever we spend much of our spare time doing. These things can be good, but we must remember that these things cannot take precedent. In the gaps we create, we need to insert prayer, scripture reading, and scripture meditation. We must become readers. We need to read books by wise Christians. We need to spend time serving others.

We need to become men of our word. Cut back on what we do, so that what is left can be done well. We need to make sure we keep our word. We must be at places on time. We must ensure this is possible, by arranging our timetables wisely. If we cannot make it to something, we need to let the appropriate people know. If we must be late, we must let people know that we will be late.

We must be disciplined in our use of money. We need to set aside some for God, some for saving for future need, some for everyday living, and a very small portion for entertainment. We need to see our money as God's money. We need to think of our future wife, who we biblically need to support. We must therefore be wise stewards of our financial resources.

There is so much more to say, but I will leave you with a very relevant Proverb.

Proverbs 20:4 - A sluggard does not plow in season; so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing. Men, if we do not do the hard yards while we are young, when it comes to the crunch, there will be no fruit for us later.


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