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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What Women Want

Believe me, I am no expert. But you all know that. That's why I'm still single.

Nevertheless, I do talk with the opposite sex, and they have certain expections about men. Attention all single men, start reading here. They know what they want, and won't settle for less. Here is what one woman said to me recently:-

"I just think that men are being immature and not seeking to seriously consider marriage..... You should be aiming to first honour God and second learning how to lead and care for a women.... If a man isn't going to make the effort to impress you with all areas of his life then is he really worth it?"

I also happen to know guys, so I'm going to let the ladies into a few little secrets, and you can all go happily marrying each other. Guys care about a few things too. Unfortunately we all to easily are swayed by outward appearance; so you ladies who are looking good often have a headstart. Further to this, most guys do not like nags, bossy women, or feminists. Sorry.

Now to solve all the problems you single people are having, I have begun some checklists for your own lives. Feel free to suggest additions as these are by no means exhaustive.


1. Love God above all.

2. Be disciplined and committed.

3. Be caring and understanding.

4. Be a leader.

5. Do not act as if women are second class citizens.

6. Be a Christian thinker. Don't be shallow.

7. Be full of humility.


1. Have a submissive spirit.

2. Be respectful in language toward men. Do not run them down in front of people.

3. Be a Christian thinker. Don't be shallow.

4. Don't go overboard on outward appearance, let your inner beauty show as you become a better steward of God's resources.

Anyway. Go to it. I expect to see you all married within the week.


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