Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I believe that one thing we Christian men struggle with deeply, is spiritual discipline. Discipline full stop actually. This is reflected in our lack of commitment, our lack of zeal, and sadly laziness.

Because of these flaws, we tend to be out-stripped by women in apparent spiritual growth. Women in general seem to be more disciplined; more committed. This has become obvious to me, especially in the church context.

When we are not disciplined in our day to day living, chances are, our spiritual lives are not disciplined. Lateness, not keeping our word, lack of commitment to something we have committed to, wasteful use of money, wasteful use of time, and lack of zeal for anything which has no entertainment value are all marks of a spiritually undisciplined life.

So what do we do men? It is all about self discipline, and this is grunt work. We must discipline ourselves to be committed. When we say we will be somewhere at a certain time, we need to make very certain that we will be somewhere at a certain time. When we say we will do a certain thing, we need to make jolly sure that we will do it. In contrast, if we do not plan on doing something, we need to make sure that others who need to know, understand that we are not going to do it. Let us be men of our word. Let us spend time on things of value. Let us be disciplined.


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