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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Tip Top

I finished up at Tip Top on the 28th of January. I just remembered that I forgot to mention it. It was really sad leaving. I will really miss many people there. I got an awesomely HUGE card with stacks of signatures on it, which was realyl cool. My cleaner friend gave me a card and a set of flute glasses. The laboratory team gave me a gas voucher, a really styly salad bowl, and a picture frame. Tracey the Technical Officer invited me back to taste panels whenever I want, so I'll be definately taking her up on that.

One of the managers called me into his office, and prayed with me on the last day, which was really cool. He also said some of the lab team had been to see him to ask if I could still work there part time. So I may end up getting some work at some stage in the game.


  • Sounds like you made lots of friends at TipTop! What a cool send-off. Be awesome if you could go back part-time... I'm sure that everyone who's benefited from your cheap ice-cream deal would be happy about it too!! :-) enjoy your holiday...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:23 AM, February 07, 2005  

  • Cool Scott, sorry I missed it all. I will have to catch you up on all the Tip Top gossip .................yum.... I mean news:)

    By Anonymous Anita, at 8:21 AM, February 11, 2005  

  • getting stale scott...
    don't leave us hanging!

    By Anonymous Alana, at 12:41 PM, February 21, 2005  

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