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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Road Trip

Well I'm back guys!

Jono, Dwaine and I took a trip up north in the ol' Alfa. We stayed at a nice little backpackers place in Whangarei. It even had a nice spa pool - which we made use of. The second day we travelled all the way up to Cape Reinga. It was fantastic weather for most of the day. We made our way back and camped at a place in the Mangamuka gorge. Unfortunately our tarpaulin 'tent' masterfully made into a shelter by Jono lasted only until 4 o'clock in the morning, whence it began to leak. The rain was pouring down, so it was hardly surprising. And the main problem was not infact leakage from above, but from beneath. So we packed up at this ungodly hour, and travelled down to Whangarei.

In Whangarei we slept in the McD's carpark and later consumed a nutricious breakfast there. Dwaine's eyesight was called into question at McD's, where another patron walked over to him while he was reading the newspaper (at a very close distance to his face), and suggested corrective lenses might be the order of the day.

Quotes of the trip:-
Dwaine: uhhhh bro could you grab me a drink?
Jono: Sure uhhhh want a Mallowpuff?
Dwaine: uhhh How about that drink I asked for?

Jono: (At 2:30 in the morning) I can see some stars
Scott: You'll see a whole lot more in a moment if you don't shutup.


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