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Saturday, November 22, 2003


Pete has been at C.I.A teaching us about relationship building, and how to get to deeper levels in conversation. All very good stuff. He also showed a way of telling a two minute story from your life with a lesson point to it. Everybody did one in front of the youth group, and we all 'affirmed' the person who had done it with clapping, and mentioning bits we found enjoyable. I know it probably sounds a bit weord , but it seriously is a good teacher to young people to be encouraging to others. It is also noticeable that they have become more encouraging in other areas! Yay!

A Wise Father

Well I was gutted for my Dad. His letter was cut and edited and stuck in Saturday brevities. Well I shall now unveil them in ther entirity.

1. Happy Families

For the Social Development Minister, Steve Maharey to claim that sole-mother families are just as good as the traditional 'nuclear family' of mum, dad and the kids is to deny logic and the overwhelming body of evidence to the contrary.

I am surprised that the ex sociology lecturer from Massey University has allowed his research skills to become so rusty. A study entitled "Why Marriage Matters" co-authored by 13 leading social science scholars conclusively demonstrates that the 'nuclear family is more successful than other 'family' forms'. This is just one of many such reports and studies available to the minister.

Mr Maharey's assertions are both untrue and dismissive of the evidence. International research is clear that the two-parent married family remains society's greatest weapon against poverty, depression, child abuse, crime etc. No amount of politial correctness or spin doctoring can change the facts.

S M Kennedy

2. Take your Partner

So glad that Charlene Aplin has found another partner. I hear she wants to complete a hairdressers course and then train to be a social worker. What I'm not so ecstatic about is how the Charlenes' of this world and our dopey government expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab for their 'loose' definitions of what constitutes a family. If Mr Maharey and his government mates continue in their PC stance that all family forms are equal, then Charlene and her newly aquired social worker skills will be in hot demand in the future.

S M Kennedy

Nice work Dad.

Quote of the Week

Winnie you get it mate. I was almost rolling on the floor with this one. I know I quoted it before but it's classic.

Mr Peters, well known for his late-night socialising, replied most of her [Turia's] Labour colleagues would be "three sheets to the wind on a wine biscuit".

Person of the Week

My sister Lou! The bestest sister in the world! You are a real legend! A great encourager, a loyal friend, and the occasional kick up the bum when I muck up. Very good.


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