Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Tip Top Touch Team

Well we got thrashed. 6 - 0. We had heaps of subs which was good, but most of us only got 5 - 10 mins max. One of our real dumb moments was subbing when the opposition was on the offensive. Oh great! Give them a hole so they can score. But we weren't the types to let one failure stop us from repeating the same mistake! Oh no!

I had 5 minutes of glory on the field. My first minute on, I gave away a penalty, and in my last, I scored the try that wasn't. Gutted. I had cut through the defence, and got to what I thought was the line, and touched down. But no! The cones did not mark the try line! No way, they marked the 5 metre line. But on the whole quite a positive outcome. It means there is only one way we can go..... well; here's hoping anyway.


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