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Friday, October 03, 2003

TT Super Coffee Solution

At Tip Top we use a coffee solution to flavour some of our Ice Cream Products. Anyway it has a reputation for never getting bacteria counts in it. Yesterday I conducted a test on it. I innoculated a straight (and diluted) solution of it with Enterobacter aerogenes, and then plated it with various agars. Violet Red Bile Agar (VRBA) takes 24 hours to incubate, so I was able to check my results to day. There were no colony forming units on the VRB plates, which means that the coffee killed the bacterial solution that I added to it. needless to say, I am conducting further tests, which I will brief you on as results come to hand.


Today I left my Greek notebook in a plastic bag in the lunchroom. Last time I did this (yes I had to write all my vocab out again) it got chucked in the bin. I only realised I had done this at the end of the day when I cam to collect it from my locker. I quickly walked down the corridor heading for the stairs to the lunch room, praying as I went. I prayed that God would have preserved my vocab book, as I was praying, a guy came out from one of the side doors and said "Hey Scott" and handed me a plastic bag containing my notebook, and my keys! God is so good. He answered my prayer as I was praying it. I was so grateful.


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