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Monday, March 01, 2004


As in Berean Bible Church. Well a letter arrived for me containing some of their guff. However I don't know who sent it to me or why. However, I have been told that the NIV is bad, and I shouldn't use it. Don't tell them I occasionally use the Contemporary English Version - they may have a paroxysm. On the other hand the King James Version is God's word without error.

Anyway.. the guys who made up these pamplets which I got sent are really abrasive. Let me give some examples:-

"The Greek text from which the NIV comes was produced by a couple of Mary worshipping Catholics..."

"By the way, all you "Russelites" (Jehovah Witnesses to the uninformed)..."

It always worries me when a group sets themselves up as right on something, and everyone else has it wrong. To define a group by what it does not agree with sets off warning bells. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but it worries me.

What does make me laugh though, is that on the sheet I was given, they tell me three things about them that should make me want to visit them. Firstly there is no religion, then there is no tradition of men, but the third just takes the cake. There is no denominationalism. However by saying this they are making themselves a distinct denomination. They are defining their 'group' not so much in terms of who they are with, but who they are not with. Quite ironic.

Pity for them that some things they said were true and good.


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