Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Friday, May 28, 2004

House Hunting

I've been back from looking at houses. Jono came for the ride. One house was in Weymouth Road. I quite liked this one. The area is good, in that it is close to church, shops, trains, buses, video store, Repco, and lots of takeaway shops. The house needs a bit of a tune up however. Like a clean for instance. The carpets are old, the wallpaper is old, the paintwork on the outside is ok, but with a few issues. Drawbacks of the house include the flats behind having a driveway that goes past the three bedrooms, a small dining room kitchen, the laundry out the back door, no fireplace, and aesthetic issues (which of course can easily be sorted).

The second house was really nice inside. Really. But unfortunately it was in a bad area. The house next door was appalling. And the dog which tried to kill us as we went up the drive was definately not welcoming. The area put me off looking at what would otherwise have been an excellent house. Much better than the first.


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