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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Peter preached a sermon which really challenged me about my prayer life. So I have started praying more. I set an alarm for 15 minutes, and fully concentrate on prayer for that whole time. Today, I hadn't finished after 15, and was able to keep going. I feel really encouraged when I pray, it's just a matter of discipline to actually do it.

Prayer is powerful. God hears us. It was amazing. On Sunday I really prayed for opportunities to share at work. Today I was able to get in to a really good debate with one of my colleagues about morality, God, and relativism. She has similar morals to the Christian. However, she thinks it doesn't matter how you get to those morals. And I attempted to demonstrate how you can't get to the morals we are talking about from the beliefs she has, without them being arbitrary. She was forced to admit this, but countered with a relativism argument, which I challenged with the standard challenges to cultural relativism. The discussion got her thinking, and I hope it will lead to a sharing of the gospel.

Mandarin Update

It is still on my desk and looking good.


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