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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The Hike

Absolutely amazing time. I went up the Billygoat track, which is very scenic. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Whilst up at the hut I read through II Timothy and Titus. Great books, and I was very encouraged. Shall tell you some stuff I learnt from them later. Anyways.... so much for assuming a peaceful and tranquil time would be had in preayer and meditation. There were 50-60 other people up there, so it was quite hectic, However, on the good side, I met a non-Christian guys, who was stoned (and possibly drunk by the amount of vodka he was consuming) and tried witnessing to him. he came from a Catholic background, and assumed that it was good works that save you. Well I didn't get far, but I pray that questions were left in Andrew's mind, which God will later use to bring him to his knees in repentance and faith.

Further to this, I met a Christian youth group from Warkworth up there, and was encouraged as I talked with the leaders, and shared with them.

Isn't it funny how things turn out. Here I was hoping to have heaps of time to myself and God, and what did I get? Lot's of talking with others. But it was good for my soul to get away and see the beauty of the New Zealand bush, which is God's.

God taught me many things. One thing I really remembered. On the way up, I felt rather lonely, and also felt (10 minutes into the tramp due to asthma which made me sound like a sick cow) like going back to the car and forgetting the whole excercise. See, tramping is a bit like the Christian walk. When we make our faith individual, and try to 'go it alone' we often feel depressed, and downtrodden, as there is no one to encourage us to keep going. This is where Christian friends come in. They are there to encourage us to keep going, to rebuke us when we become slack, to laugh when we laugh, to cry when we cry. And of course we do the same for them. Perhaps the Christian walk should not be done alone. Of course we do have God, but he has provided us with fellowship and a body so we can spur one another on.

On the way back, I took the Billygoat track, and as I set out, I made up my mind I would do it as quickly as I could. So I set out and blitzed the track in 2 hours. I was so stoked. The track is a '4 hour track', so I was really happy, although my heels were pretty gashed up at the end of it. (Maybe something to do with the fit of jogging that came upon me for a little way).

Letter to the Editor

Very happy today. I got another letter in to the New Zealand Herald.

Here it is:-

Thom James tells the religious to stop forcing their opinions on others, by complaining about advertisements which are offensive to their faith. Then he contradicts himself by telling us, that those who are religious should just put up with the opinions of the secular society they live in, and should adapt accordingly. Why is it ok for the 'secular religion' to impose its views on everyone, when it is not ok for Christians to speak out on issues they feel strongly about. It couldn't be double standards could it?

Once again we are being told to shut up because our views do not conform to so called 'norms'. Once again "Enough already". Now let me predict a number of atheist/secular humanists writing in and saying that secular and religion don't go together. And then cue other Christians to write in and define religion (system of faith and worship), and then tell them they are religious. Yes that is a hint already.


Had a great evening before Greek last night. Me Hamish, and Paul checked out this funny as wrestling game for Playstation II. It was very choice. I can't remember it's name though.


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