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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Request for Recipe

Yes it's coming! The recipe for Scott's Butter Mince Curry will be posted after my final test and adjustments. Be patient... I know you want to try it! Anita has told me specifically that she can't wait. Haha joking.. I think it wasn't as positive as that.

Of Fish

The tank is set up. It's 55L, and I got some gravel, a filter, a heater, thermometer, chemicals and am just getting the pH and temperature issues sorted before I introduce fish. I hope to add some plants and fish tomorrow. Should be good. And then you can all come round and have a look..... maybe we could crack open the jelly tips... or maybe even the butter mince.

Procrastination Issue

I have been working on a way of solving my procrastination issues. I will probably finish my plan today. Then all that remains is adhering to it. I will demonstrate it when I finish it completely, as long as it does not take me away from important tasks. That's what procrastination is really about. Not doing something you could be, but rather doing something that is unimportant.


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