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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Trogdor Strikes In The Night!

I had 19 fish. Now I have 18 fish and a skeleton. I found Mr Fish dead on the bottom with a hole through him yesterday. Shortly afterwards, I saw Trogdor feasting upon him. Trogdor strikes again.... with majesty!


Needs another operation, as the first one was not completely successful. Keep praying!


Of interest and importance:- Do Maori deserve special privileges or have any more rights in this country due to the fact they were (debatably) the first inhabitants of New Zealand. I say no. Until this is spelt out and understood by all there will be racial disharmony in this country.

Smacking Children

I was troubled by the death of Corral. It was so sad. Unfortunately, with the death of Corral, cries for the outlawing of smacking have been heard. Bizarre. Did she get a smacked bottom and die? No; someone murdered her. The argument against smacking ones children is that it produces a violent society. Interesting! So how is it that in times past, where smacking was more acceptable, we had lower rates of murder and violent crime (and other crime) than we do now when fewer people use physical discipline. Once again stupid people are using unjustified arguments to attempt to bring about daft legislation. Give me strength!


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