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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Nice - Go Maxim

A confused risk management culture

In every area except sex education, our young people are mollycoddled by a risk management culture. According to educational psychologist, mother and former teacher, Maria Schmetzer, when it comes to sex, "Young people are left in the position of making dreadful choices as there's no rules." Speaking at a public seminar in the South Island last weekend, Mrs Schmetzer added that "Children were making decisions they were not equipped to make at their age and parents had been made to feel incapable of guiding them."

Increasingly, childhood is being politicised through demands for more child rights, advocacy and safety. Risk-taking is no longer allowed as part of childhood - except when it comes to sexual expression and experimentation.

Today's children are growing up in a sterile and politically correct ('harm minimisation') culture largely bereft of risk, and managed by more and more state regulation and rights. Empowerment and participation rights have replaced former notions of protection, the role of parents is diminished, and the difference between 'child' and 'adult' continues to shrink.

Save Mart Clothes

Jono, Alisa, and cruised to Save Mart today. Ok this place rules. I bought 4 dress shirts and a pair of nice jeans for $35. Jono got more shirts for about the same. T-shirts are about $2 or $3. We then cruise to Rebel Sports just to check out something, and found T-Shirts (which just happened to have little famous brand labels on them) for $50 and more. Haha. Sucked in. Amazing how much you can save when you step down a little bit. Don't get me wrong, our shirts and stuff aren't gross, just not necessarily labels. Jono also did an amazingly cool good deed today. Check his blog to see what he did, when he decides to post about it.

Gold Nescafe Spoon

Ok this comes in as wackyness for the week stuff. I got a letter from Nestle the other day, with a gold (coloured) metallic spoon, which they told me was so I could have the perfect coffee when I used Gold Blend. Cool man. It said that "Your friend Mr Peek" had recommended me for it. Shot Mr Peek! Awesome stuff. Why did he recommend me? Was it because I was a stirrer? Or maybe because I like coffee....?


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