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Monday, April 05, 2004

Nato is close

Nato you were on the right track in both of your comments. I'll leave this for a bit more thought and will post on it soon.


I took some of the young guys from C.I.A hiking (in the Hunua ranges) on Saturday and Sunday. We tramped through from the east coast near a place called Wahirau. Please correct my spelling as I cannot find the correct spelling anywhere. We then traversed west up onto a ridge and followed this south/southeast. We stopped Saturday night at a little clearing, pitched a tent, and made a shelter. Sunday morning we continued south and came out to a road near Mangatangi dam. There were no major injuries. We did try an alternative route out, which led us down a steep gully, and to a stream. I followed that down for about 2km, and hadn't reached the road, so we had to back track up the gully, and take the better known and easily followed route. Oh well. Next time. Gotta love getting out into the bush. Beautiful!

First Aid

Work sent me onto a first aid course. It ran on Thursday and Friday. It was pretty boring, and I reckon we could have covered all we needed to in one day. Much of the learning was 'figure it out yourself and then report back' nonsense. A little more direction and teaching (Wow teaching to aid learning? How novel!) would have made the course much better. We also marked our peers. Hmmm. Need I say anymore? Or shall I just call it nonsense and wait for someone (you know who you are!) to tell me I need to explain why it is nonsense?

However, apart from that, I can do stuff I couldn't do before, and feel better prepared to handle an emergency situation. So that is a positive.


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