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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Assassination of Common Sense File

Thursdays entry belongs to this file. I should have introduced it as such.


The Alfa is back on the road again, with the rust being fixed most meritoriously by Auckland Panel and Paint. I was very happy with the work done, and particularly that my car was vacuumed and dusted inside, and the tyres were cleaned. Very good service. The guy that owns it, is a friend of Malcolms, and goes to Buckland's Beach Reformed Church. So anyway, it should now get a warrant when it's due (next month), and shouldn't (please God) cost me too much money for a while.

The Plan

The plan is to gop hiking in a couple of weeks time. Should be good. Haven't been away for a while. It's the Hunua's, or the Kauranga Valley that's calling, I can't quite make out which at this stage.

Book of the Month

I am half way through Reason to Believe by R.C. Sproul. 'Tis a good book, and a very easy read. Not only that, it's about a 7 on the 'put a the the book a down scale', where 1 is 'This book is best used as a paper weight on my desk', and 10 is 'This book's cover has been grafted into the skin of my fingers'.


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