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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Dry Ice

We had some spare dry ice floating round at work the other day. So........... we utilised the opportunity like preschool kids. Here are some cool activities you can try when you come across some:-

1) Stick some down the drain and then put the plug over the top. You get sudden bursts of 'steam' lifting the plug up and down, much like the lid of a pot with boiling water.

2) Stick in a beaker, add water, add detergent. Check out those MASSIVE bubbles.

Well there was plenty more to try, but I won't bore you with all the variations on a theme.

Amazing Grace

Dwaine, Jono and I performed a "NZ idol" attempt at this on Monday night after everyone had left the church. It actually sounded pretty good even though we were mucking around. For your information I was NOT singing, but rather pianoing. We were just going hard, because there was no one to be embarassed in front of. Sometimes when you muck around it sounds better than when you are serious.


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