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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My Last 24 Hours

I was kindly invited to Dan and Michelle's for dinner last night. Well in short I had a fabulous evening which involved good food, conversation, fire, and blog re-arranging. Lomo is cool.

This morning I went for a walk with Jono and Alisa. We walked around Totara Park. It's beautiful in the morning. I just love the smell of the bush. It's grand. Isn't it funny how that even with such beauty at my door, I have hardly walked the paths of Totara Park for years. A sad reflection on my laziness.

This evening Matthew T and I continued our weekly Wednesday night Bible studies. We had a smashing time. We had a look at ol' John 14:15-31. This is where Jesus promises the Counselor, and tells his disciples that the prince of the world is coming, but that he has no hold on him. Now we were wondering about this. Was Jesus preparing his disciples here for the fact that he was going to die, and that it might look like Satan was winning, but he was really doing what the Father wanted, and He was in control. Check it out for yourselves.


I'm struggling with a concept at the moment. I work shift work 5 days a week, and work half of Saturday. I spend most of my Saturday avo's (after work) preparing for C.I.A. and doing admin work for it. My evenings are taken up with meetings and working with people in youth. On Saturdays I often play piano for church. Now I realise it is important to serve. So when people ask me to do things, I generally say yes. Sometimes I am asked to organise the youth and help do cleaning up jobs or manual jobs. Other times I personally get asked to do things. I feel really drained and tired. I need to know what I should and shouldn't be doing. I'm almost at the point of wondering should I just generally say "no" to most things, and assume I'm busy with youth. But the difficulty with this is that I want to teach them to serve. I don't know. I'm confused. Should I say that my service is youth admin and relationships, and rule out most other stuff I get asked to do? What are the general principles that can help here?


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