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Monday, May 24, 2004

Marriage Fish and Other Matters


Why is it that so many young men and women see marriage as a sort of holy grail that will solve all the problems in their lives. Many seem to have the attitude that they will fix stuff when they get married, or even worse, that the problem will just disappear. I look at some people who are single, and they seem to do absolutely no preparation for marriage. If you got problems before you get married, those same problems will continue when you are married. I'm sure married people will tell you this. In short, don't wait around for the perfect person to turn up, they may never show up, and if they do, what makes you think it's going to be you they want. Work hard to be the sort of person you would like to marry.

Ok that sounds harsh, but it was as much for me as for anyone else who is single.


I bought some fishssssss today. And a breeding net, and some other gears and plant make biggerer stuff. So that was good. Trogdor has some more friends to terrorise.

Other Matters

Where did I put that millstone. Seems like Mr Goff is doing a bit of backtracking and knees bent retreating tactics now eh?! What an absolute shocker. My brother is 11 now, and I know that no 12 year old in our society has the emotional maturity to cope with having sex. What's more, it's wrong. And this is what we get, when we get away from the idea that sex is for inside marriage only. The secular humanists cannot complain about this idea for a law change. If kids want to do it, they should be able to. Why draw the line at 16? There is no reason that can be argued. And so, why the public outrage? Come on Christians, show the folly of this thinking. Maybe it can be a chance to witness to non-Christians.


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