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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I had an interview with ESR on Monday. It seemed to go really well. I should know by the end of the week if I have got the job. Whether I will take it or not depends on may factors. One part of the job is being on call 24/7 one week in four. Yeah.

Boys Breakfast

Ethan, Wee Jono, and Big Jono, and myself went to Mc D's for breakfast this morning. Great time of fellowship, eating, and maths. The maths was working out percentage fat in different meals. Mmmmm!

The Hikoi Hiccup

I promise not to rant and rave. Yes I know I go on. And I know that I can easily offend. So I will be careful....

The organisers of the Hikoi did not think too carefully. Perhaps if they had, they would not have organised the walk across the Harbour Bridge. This has probably cost Auckland into the millions in lost productivity. Not only that it has ticked off many people who may well have otherwise supported the protestors. As I understood, the walk was fairly short, and buses transported the group to a place not far from the bridge. Why could they have not bused across the bridge and carried on from there? Grandstanding perhaps? Well I think (and hope) it has backfired.


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