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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Check it out

Nato gives us his thoughts on the latest events to hit the news with respect to Iraq.

Jono tells parents to start taking responsibility.

Two very good posts. A good read. I recommend you take the time to read them!

Save Mart

Jono and I paid a visit to Save Mart today. I picked up a nice brown short sleeve shirt, and a styly woolen jumper. Total cost : $18.


Tomorrow work is taking the technical services team to see where they make the Puhoi cheese, and after that to do Go-Kart racing. I suppose I should be grateful. It's just that I don't see it as fulfilling the stated aim of team building. Let's hope I'm wrong. It will be fun nevertheless.


I'm currently studying Joel at the moment. It's quite fascinating. I am struggling with it. Trying to put it altogether in my understanding. I have many questions. So far however, I have refrained from the commentaries. I may even preach on this on June 27. We'll see.


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