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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Extreme Garden Makeover

One of our goals at C.I.A. this year was to get our young people more involved in serving others in the church body. So today we split into two groups and went to a couple of people's places and spent a few hours weeding, trimming, and general cleanup work in their gardens. It was a fantastic time! I think the young people were surprised at how much fun serving can be!

My group went to Hugh and Jennie Thompsons, where one of our girls offered to come back and help on a weekly basis! Yay! It's times like this you see God is really working in the young people, and you get excited. But youth ministry is about ups and downs. So enjoy the ups while they are here!


  • Wow! nice work mate!
    but we gotta strike while the iron is hot baby! Im picturing a weekly TV show.

    "Extreme Youth makeovers" targeted at the 19-24 demographic.
    We'll have two teams of youth groups each week, set a repair task or clean up duty, and to add to the suspense, one of the youth kids on each team is a mole! Also, every week, one gets voted out in a tribal cermony so in the finale, we only have 1 person teams repairing stuff! It'll be a hit!

    ^_^ all kidding aside, its great to see stuff like this being done :) keep up the good work Scotty!

    By Anonymous Philotas, at 3:38 AM, March 06, 2005  

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