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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Well my oh my! Look at the time folks. Since the day grows old, I shall make this quick, otherwise the consequences tomorrow shall be of an unfavourable nature.

Reasons for this tardiness in my writing are few, and good reasons are even fewer.

Reason for taking this long to write:-

1) Had to get a new hdd, so Jono could take back the one he had loaned me.

2) Had to reformat hdd, install dual boot Windows 98 and XP.

3) Had to configure hardware and all that.

Good reasons for taking this long to write:-

1) fhqwhagads was trying to play like - U NO ME! Don't get this into your head LouP!

So anyway, hopefully I'll be better prepared tomorrow. On a scale of 1 to awesome.........have a super great day!


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