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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Life Changing Events

Is there such a thing as a life changing event? I can think of one, although when it comes to others, my mind goes blank. Is any single event (apart from the one) something which is enough to completely change a life? Is not the changing of a life, one small but determined step at a time. Never go to something expecting to be changed by it. Go to something, and then change yourself because of it. We are the product of our decisions (to a point), and each little decision we make, creates the person we are. So I would probably say there are few real life changing events. A changed life is more about sweat and determination rather than a single event.

One Man

Can one man make a difference? I was discussing this with a friend some time back on a bush walk. (Incidentally bush walks are very good for conversation.) Are we in a world in which it is increasingly more difficult for one man to make a difference? In past times, we had our Napoleon's, our Washington's etc. Is it harder today to make a significant difference in the world? I don't know the answer, but I feel swamped, and powerless to make any difference in this world, except in the small sphere God has placed me in. Hopefully there I can be of use, and maybe if all of us Christians do the same, some headway may be gained.


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