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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A Walk To Remember

Yesterday I walked home from work. Yep. Mt Wellington to Manurewa.

Along the way.....

In Mt Wellington it was loud. Trucks and cars screamed past me as I strolled along the foot path.

In Onehunga I saw many Pacific Island children playing cricket in a residential centre. I became hot and stopped at a dairy. There I purchased a Sour Chill and some sweets. A mad man at a bus shelter performed a wild dance as I came towards him.

In Papatoetoe, I stopped at the Orthodontists, and got my teeth seen to. If I don't take out my back brace, I don't need my wisdom teeth out, as they will never make it to the surface. I wonder what I should do?! Further along I saw two young kids crossing the busy Gt South Road away from a pedestrian crossing. Thankfully a young male driver stopped to let them across, and after he yelled at them to cross from the middle, they did. Where were the parents I wondered.

In Manukau, I stopped at Dick Smith, and also visited the mall. I resisted temptation to buy any PC games, but browsed nevertheless. One lady was harrassing a Dick Smith sales guy over digital cameras. It's amazing how rude someone can be to another person when that person cannot really do anything about the situation they find themselves in.

As I approached Manurewa, I followed the Puhinui stream upstream from Gt South Road. I saw fish in the water. This is a vast improvement from my 6th form days, when I did a project and the water was so bad that nothing seemed to live in it.

It was a pleasant walk. I would do it again. In fact I want to walk New Zealand. That would be cool. Imagine that! Passing different areas, each with their own unique character and peculiarities.


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