Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


We started out at 6:45 from Auckland. Dad, Jono, Matty, and myself. Destination - Kaueranga Valley - near Thames. Adventure - Webb Creek track to Pinnacles Hut, to Moss creek, to carpark. A loop of 11 hours, much of it through treacherously slippery and muddy terrain. Think mud up to your knees. We made it all in one day. What I normally do as a two or three day hike, we did in one day.

Start time: 08:30

Finish time: 18:50

Reward: Boss Burger

New Job Today

I started my new job today. It's both exciting and scary. Exciting in that I go to meetings, and have a nice desk, and a computer, and am away from certain annoyances the lab offered, and yet at the same time scary, in that I don't really have a firm job description, and people are expecting different things from me. I prayed that God would use me through my work to show people whom I serve. I pray that my work will be worthy of Him.

I know that in the past it has not always been. Which is why I start afresh. I'm not saying I've been a slack worker, but I have often forgotten who my real boss is.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I'm Still Here

Just a quick note to let you know I'm still alive. Ohhh! My car passed a warrant today. Nice. Anita has a blog. Nice. My room is tidy. Nice. I had sausages eggs, veges and chicken soup for dinner tonight. Nice. Right. Nice.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Ravi Zacharias - Five Great Changes Putting the West At Risk

1. The Popularisation of the death of God movement.

2. The gathering storm that has disorientated Western Culture with Eastern Culture and worldview

3. The power to inform through the visual.

4. Lost any centre of cultural moulding.

5. The shifting of power to a younger world.

I Still Love You

I do! Honest! I know it hasn't been all that obvious, but I've just been so hectically busy that I am just surviving. Today I accepted a position with the R&D team for 12 months. That's the result of that job interview I told you about a while back, although it isn't quite what I was applying for, it is very cool. More information, as it comes available.

I also have information leading me to conclude that there is the possibility of an Anita blog. Scary. That will probably be the first blog to go into my "Blogs that infuriate me" list. Hehe.

My dear longsuffering readers, I hope to be more committed to you this month. Ok? Am I forgiven?