Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Step Towards Tyranny

If this actually happens, we might just move out of New Zealand.

The Children's Commissioner is proposing mandatory screening of every baby's home life in a bid to halve New Zealand's high child murder rate.

Those who refused to take part would be referred to welfare authorities.

Wow. We can only hope that this supremely daft proposal is ignored by parliament. But one thing I know is this: No one is going to enter my house to check on how I raise my children without a big fight being put up on my part.

Now why is this being proposed? Well apparently this could save five children a year. Ha! That should be on the next Tui billboard. What a load of codswallop. I suppose it will be just as effective as banning smacking. Because that has been a roaring succes hasn't it? What it will do is increase a nosey government's reach into my homelife. Back off.

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