Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It Takes All Kinds...

There are some seriously strange people out there. I found someone entered my blog through a google search for "Pictures of Guinea Pigs getting married". Yes. Pictures of Guinea Pigs getting married.

As I investigated this further, I found something even scarier. Some people actually do wedding ceremonies for their guinea pigs. I am not joking. They dress their guinea pigs up and have weddings. I kid you not. Here, you don't believe me? Check this. Complete with invitations, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. (Or are they groomspigs?!) Did I mention the priest?

This goes to show how wonderful it is that we aren't all the same. Could you imagine being the same as someone was interested in guinea pig marriages? Well that is one of the wonders of diversity. Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire.

PS Where are all you hypersensitive people now? I wrote a good post designed to stir you into a frenzy the other day, and you all hide. Maybe you are beginning to see the world rightly..... (That oughta do it!)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Replacement Letterbox

Rakesh bought two new letter boxes to replace his smashed ones (He owns two houses on our driveway). I went out and bought one the same. It was one of the cheapest ones, but still cost $49.95. We are not made of money, and I'd like to take $49.95 out of the wallet of the idiot that did this. They need to realise the hard work that produces money to fix things they destroy. And I mean they need to personally realise it. But alas, chances are they won't, and will continue to wreck the property of others. Raaa!

Monday, May 01, 2006

The People Have Spoken

Ok, ok ok ok! Here are some photos to appease you all. Yes I got married, yes I have photos! Nicely planned as you will of course note to coincide with our 1 month anniversary. Nah actually that was a fluke - Priscilla just told me so I edited the post!

So... the first one we have here is Sarah - my beautiful wife. She looked exquisite and these amazing photos don't even begin to do her justice!! (Hmm that oughta get a good dinner tonight.)

So we got married in Greyfriars church in Mt Eden - but no she didn't go there before she got married. Sarah attended PRC which rented a hall - and she wasn't keen on getting married in a hall.

Ok so let's move onto the next photo...(does this feel like a slide show?)

Ok so this next photo is of the ladies getting ready to enter the church. Does anyone else find it funny that the ladies have to get ready to enter the church, whereas the guys just burst in? Ok maybe you don't but it kinda amuses me.

So in this photo is Sarah's mum, and then all the bridesmaids. Please note the beautiful girl on the right - it's ok, I can say that, she's my sister.

Ok moving right along....

So here I am a married man with my lovely wife!

The photo is a bit blurry due to the fact we were walking down the aisle.

Please note how casually I am walking down the aisle - one hand in my jacket pocket in fact!!!

Now onto family photos....

The top photo is Sarah's family, and on the bottom is mine, minus James who had gone awol, and Lou who went to look for him. They do appear in the professional photographs which before you ask we have not received.

And here we are leaving the church in a 1928? Model A Ford. I thought I'd include this just in case there were some car enthusiasts around.

Actually I'm not even sure if car enthusiasts like these type of cars - but hey, I thought it was pretty choice.

Neil our driver (the dad of one of Sarah's friends) was a first rate chap. Thanks!

So here is the view from our reception. Pretty lovely I reckon. As you can see we were right on the beach. Near the end of the night I looked out and the waves were lapping quite close to the building!

Here is my wife being carried away by vicious bandits. Oops I mean my groomsmen. A special thanks to all of you guys.

Jono thanks for being best man - appreciate it man. And Carl and David - thanks also for your friendship and being able to share this day with me.

Actually they look too nice to be vicious bandits. Look at those cheesy grins. Looking good though boys.

And here we have our 1st (and very possibly last) dance as husband and wife. I must admit I wasn't really keen on the whole dance idea - but we got there in the end.

Anyway - seeing as you back in the corner there have fallen asleep YES YOU! I guess I better wrap the ol' slideshow up. Thanks for your prayers and support we really enjoyed the day. Thank you to those who came - we appreciated your presence - and indeed presents. Hopefully we will share hospitality with all of you in the not too distant future.

Soon I'll do a condensed honeymoon slideshow. Yes condensed - we have over 600 photos.

Bless you all.

The people can shut up now.