Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Lack of Posting

This will be rectified very shortly. I have had a busy few weeks.

However, just to let you know, that I fell in love with an Alfa 155, and bought it! Yay! My baby (33) is going to become Jono's, so at least I'll still get to see her. It's actually quite funny, because I miss the quirks of the 33 already. The 155 is much smoother to drive, but has a whole lot less character.

Today I start work at Covenant basically as youth pastor there. So that is quite exciting. It will however, probably be a time of challenge, and attack from Satan. So please pray for me.

More to come soon. God bless ya'll.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Tip Top

I finished up at Tip Top on the 28th of January. I just remembered that I forgot to mention it. It was really sad leaving. I will really miss many people there. I got an awesomely HUGE card with stacks of signatures on it, which was realyl cool. My cleaner friend gave me a card and a set of flute glasses. The laboratory team gave me a gas voucher, a really styly salad bowl, and a picture frame. Tracey the Technical Officer invited me back to taste panels whenever I want, so I'll be definately taking her up on that.

One of the managers called me into his office, and prayed with me on the last day, which was really cool. He also said some of the lab team had been to see him to ask if I could still work there part time. So I may end up getting some work at some stage in the game.

Herb Garden

Last night I finished planting my herb garden on the soil above the retaining wall which we built. I've even resurrected one of those pipe thingies which sprays water out at various points when you plug the hose into it. It's fantastic. I don't really know much about plants, but I'm sure I'll learn a bit as I go.

Allan gave me some grapevine plants, which I plan to plant along the back fence at some stage. That will be once I've savaged the jungle that is currently there. Oh the worries of being a house owner!

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Heat

It is seriously HOT at the moment. I'm sleeping in the afternoons, because I can find nothing else to do without ending up bathed in sweat! Last night the flat was to hot to sleep in side, so we pumped up air beds and went to sleep outside. Unfortunately it started to rain. Oh well.

Current projects:-

Paint the Fence

Plant the Herb Garden

Rip out tree stumps round side of house