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Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm a slack bum - but my garden is cool!

OK people. Here's the deal.

I have three strawberry plants planted in the front old retaining wall, and a chilli plant.

In addition to this coolness, I have taken seeds of my dill plant, and planted them in a tray, with some beetroot seeds.

Unfortunately my mint and dill have been attacked by some ferocious little things - I'm not sure what. Raa. Will have to get onto this situation, and issue some final judgement on the culprit.

Oh and in other news, we have a new flatmate. Mr Mouse. He is very timid, and we haven't seen him. He doesn't pay rent, and he steals other flatmates Easter eggs. We are moving to evict him. More on this as news comes to hand.


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