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Friday, July 18, 2003

Of Women

Haha. I'll bet that caught your attention. But really it's not all that exciting. Well they aren't are they... whoa let's not even go there. I might isolate 50% of my audience. But that is not why I wrote the heading. Recently I have been receiving emails about Russian mail order brides. A rather bizarre concept I feel. Does one get a form and tick appropriate boxes, like "height < 1.65m", or "Can drive manual", or "has own tractor'? And once you fill in this form, does your russian bride get posted back to you, and if so what kind of diet is she on, and if so what kind of special powers does she have. Does she use them for good, or for awesome? (For good or awesome?)

Person of the Week

Goes to Peter Warner. Last night at a very important congregational meeting, he reminded us not to be annoyed with people who had made mistakes, and get a them and us mentality. He reminded us that we are a body, and there is no them and us.


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