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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Alana's 21st was very very cool. She had organised a barn out Karaka way, and we all had to dress up in clothes from the 1920's to 1960's. Everyone got into the dress part..or should I say everyone save Dan. hehe. Well me and Jono went shopping for our clothes togetehr. The original plan was to get suits and be 1920's gansters, but there was difficulty getting jackets that allowed Jono's muscular shoulders movement, so we gave up on that idea. So in the end we decided to get corduroys. I picked up a pair of trousers for $2. They are brown and are real wide at the bottom. Look really funny. Jono also got a pair (a similar colour). We then got a sort of tight (and I mean ta height) corduroy dinner jackety thing for Jono which was a tad (read a lot) to small. Then I got a corduroy jacket and we finished our purchases off by getting to orange (read LOUD orange) shirts which went underneath the jackets. We decided we must have been visionary 60's people.

Anyway this got me thinking. I realised that I could get clothes for very little. If you're willing to go second hand, and spend a bit of time, you can find clothes that are really nice, and most of us wouldn't even know they were second hand. No I realise the corduroys were obviously old (I will still wear them), but there were heaps of other clothes that weren't like that. I mean one shop we went to had every item of clothing for $2. Well I may now shop for my clothes at Save Mart. Hehe, and nobody mock me about it, because I'm trying to be a good steward!


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