Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Just a quickie tonight. Man I was so hungry tonight. I went to woolworths, and bought a whole chicken and a bread and some macaroni cheese. I got home and punished the whole chicken! I hope it wasn't gluttony, but man I was so hungry. Well I'm on to the Macaroni Cheese now, and then I'm going to do some Greek study for the exam on Monday. So for those of you who remember me in your prayers, please pray for clarity of thought on Monday.

Well the fires a goin, the bean bags a sittin next to it, and the kettle is a singin (well it would be if it had some sort of whistling aparatus attached to it), and the Greek notes are a callin me. I'm sorry folks but I'm a gunna leave you.

Isn't it amusing how this blog has degenerated into fireside chats with Scott over his eating habits. Ok I'll try to remedy that from now on. More other stuff, less food talk.


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