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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Went for a bit of a tour of the factory today. Saw some bits I hadn't seen as yet. It was pretty weord, because I walked into a couple of the freezers. In one of them, my nose started to feel funny and I could feel moisture in it freezing which was real weord. I asked how cold it was and was told -40. Wowsers. The people who work in there are only in for 15 minutes and then get a half hour break from work in the freezer. It was so cold that when I went outside, the breeze felt like a tropical one.

Well that's all that was really that interesting. Oh that's right. I had a choc bar, and a Moritz (that fancy weord named caramel one). I think it might be "Glace avec un nom français drôle.". Try translating that Translator.

Well I better be off with me and do some Greek study.


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