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Friday, July 11, 2003

I made butter mince for dinner last night. Yes butter mince due to the fact that I had no chicken to butter. Sad but true. But actually it tastes quite nice.

Today was an amusing day. I woke up at 7:05. Well more like I opened one eye thinking shucks why hasn't my alarm gone off yet and looked at the clock. And then was out of bed in a shot. I yelled at Jono (who was in bed) "make me a sandwhich I'm running late! I quickly got clothed, found some glasses, grabbed my key and ran out to the kitchen. There was Jono wrapped in his duvet buttering me a sandwhich. It was comical. I grabbed the sandwhich (telling Jono he was a legend), jumped in the car and carefully stopping at Stop Signs set off to work. Well I prayed to God, "Please don't make me too late", not that it was a real major or anything. Anyway the traffic was amazing, and I only got there 7 minutes late, which was a relief.

Mind you I had to have two of those fancy French Moritz's today since I only had one sandwhich. Gutted. having to eat ice cream, what a chore.

Hey people... you know how there is a comments button? Yeah the thing in orange writing with underline. Well if you click it, you can write a comment. Hehe and SUBTLE is my middle name!

Oh that's right! The whole point of the post. I got transcribed today at work. Since we are a approved lab, we must minimize our transcription errors. For instance today I got transcribed for not writing a dilution factor for some water I was testing. What's funny is that I don't really care about it. But it can be a source of contention, because it is the other lab staff who in fact do the transcribing. So as you can all imagine, an innocent transcriber can become the subject of backlash transcription, and things can get pretty nasty. I was told about an incident where one of the staff (let's call them lab technician #1) transcribed another (let's call them lab technician #2) for a seemingly innocent mistake. Lab technician #2 then transcribed lab technician #1 into next century for various different mistakes. Since then lab technician #1 has not transcribed lab technician #2. I wonder if my apathy will have the same effect?


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