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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Well well well!

Last night Jono installed a CD player into my new car. And then we hung and talked, so that is my excuse for no blogging! Very cool to have a CD player in one's car. I'll be cranking up the ol' Beethoven as I cruise around....hehe!

Well today is the day. me and Jono are cruising down to the Pinnacles. Hopefully the weather is only showery. So I went to the shops to get some food for our travels. Peter B and I discovered an awesome tramping mix recipe that is very hearty. Ok let me walk you through the preperations:-

Pete and Scott's Hearty Tramping Soup

Pour in two sachets of continental hearty beef soup for a cup into a billy. Add one thinly sliced onion. Add four cups of water. Heat and stir. Add a packet of crushed up 2 minute noddles, and a 100g packet of dried Continental Mixed Vegetables. Lastly add 150g of diced Verkerks Danish Salami. Continue heating until noddles and mixed veges are cooked. Eat muchly.

When you share this with others, remember it's name. Pete and Scott's Hearty tramping soup. Otherwise it's free to copy.

Well I better pack, because we are leaving when Jono finishes work at one, and that will be pushing it, so I'm going to be ready to roll. Please pray for safety, and also that our time will be used fruitfully in prayer and meditation!

God bless you all.


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