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Monday, June 23, 2003

Well today I started my work at Tip Top. I'm overwhelmed by all the new stuff I need to learn. 60% of the job involves microbiology stuff - which I happen to have never studied. :) hehehe. On the other hand it is very interesting, and time seems to go rather quickly. It was cool however to see Anita at work. (Pity she was a snob and took off hehe just joking.) Not only that, but I met the mother of a boy I taught at Manurewa Junior School of Music. The funny thing about that is that I met another mum of the boys I teach at Nestle. It is indeed a small world.

Ok maybe depression sounds kind of major. Maybe 'down' is a more appropriate expression. Sometimes it's nothing you can point you're finger at. There seems to be no fathomable reason for feeling the way you do, but you do feel distinctly down. Weord.

Man I was reading the Jacob and Esau passage today. How Esau got done out of the blessing. Hardly what you would call fair. In trying to see God's "The older will serve the younger" fulfilled, Rebekah and Jacob went to deceitful and ungodly methods. It reminds me of Abraham and Sarah, not being able to have a son, and not trusting God in seemingly impossible situations. This reminds me of how often I try to use man's wisdom in getting God's results. 'Tis a no no. Full reliance on God is hard, and sometimes we say to ourselves "What are you doing God", or even worse... "Let me help you out God". But God is sovereign and his purposes are not thwarted. (What kind of a God would he be if they were!)


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